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The Rodinian Continent


Location:The World of Rodinia
Size:1800 miles east to west by 1500 north to south
Population:2,000,000 souls
Predominant Race:Human
People of Note:Emperor Augustus Tiberius, Emperor Enoeda
Notes:History of The Rodinian Continent


The continent of Rodinia is the largest in the known world. Situated right in the middle of the globe (or more accurately, all known maps of the world are usually drawn this way as the Empire of Rodinia is the single most powerful and influential civilization in the world), it stretches from the frozen ice of Tapiriit in the north, through the Empires of Honshu and Rodinia in the middle, to the dense, humid jungles of Maya in the south.

The continent of Rodinia is, unlike the other two, smaller continents, not ruled by any one civilization although it is home to two powerful, and sometimes conflicting, empires. Places like the Kingdom of Albion in the north west, and the democaracy of Athena in the south east maintain their independence from the ever expanding territories of the empires between them.


Geographically, the continent of Rodinia is fairly varied. The far north is very cold, being ice bound during the winter months. The far south is very hot and humid. The coastal areas tend to be cooler in general. The central areas, notably the ridge between Honshu and Rodinia, boast large rugged mountain ranges. In the north west of the continent lies the Great Desert (so named by early travellers who had not yet encountered the desert continent of Khemit). Maya, to the south is virtually one great mass of jungle lands. Nestled between these features are many plains and forests. Rolling hlls with sweeping valleys, dotted with trees are ubiquitous. In places dark dreary marshes mar the landscape.

The Athenian Incident

In the early part of the 8th year of the Third Age, a mysterious and enigmatic being, known only as Assassin appeared in Aquadis, the southern-most island of the Democracy of Athena. Here he set about events which caused the political destabilization of the island, in the process releasing a once-bound dragon aspect. This process included the assassination of many of the local barons on the island and an attempt on the Duke’s life, which was thwarted by a group of elite students at the local Institute of the Arcane. Their investigations led the Athenians to believe that Assassin worked for Embril Aloustinai.

Around the same time an assassination attempt was made upon the life of Emperor Augustus Tiberius of Rodinia, which failed to kill the Emperor but which did take the life of some of his personal family. Investigations into the assassination attempt led the Rodinian authorities to believe the attempt was sponsored by the Athenians. Further investigation by the Rodinians showed that Athena was apparently in league with the Lich King of Marlek and the evil dragons of Tiamat herself. An enraged Emperor began to put the wheels in motion for an all-out assault on the Empire’s old trading partner.

As the year progressed, the Rodinian Legions began a full scale invasion of neighbouring Nargastan, on route to their final destination – Athena. Simultaneously the Legions began an offensive on the borders of Marlek, perhaps also in reprisal for a reported attack by Marlek on the Vale of Leaves, a small region of far eastern Rodinia. In the north the Legions also heavily reinforced their border with the Empire of Honshu, probably ensuring that the Jade Throne did not seek to take advantage of the Legions’ attention to the east. At the same time the group of students from the Institute, tracking the elusive Assassin, managed to prove that he was not in league with Embril Aloustinai but was probably working for some other unknown power.

Meanwhile, as the gears of war began to spin in the Rodinian Continent, deep in the Underdark the drow began to move. Reports reached Athena that the demons and devils of the outer planes had escalated their never ending war and that the heroes of Magma Force had decided to enter the Abyss to ensure the safety of the world. The evil dragons of Tiamat were rampant in the skies above Rodinia, but they were being countered by the good dragons of Bahamut. And in the green deeps the sahuagin stirred.

As the elite students of the Institute arrived in Nargastan to try and work out what was going on and avert an all-out war between two of the continent’s super powers, and ex-allies, Assassin once again surfaced, this time endeavouring to stir up trouble in the Nargastani camps by assassinating one of the most powerful Horselords and blaming the students. Only the intercession of a colossal golden dragon caused sense to be restored.

Places of Interest


A small mountainous island populated by a ferocious people who love to raid east into Tapiriit and south into Honshu. When not raiding the Agerians are usually to be found drinking and brawling.


Athena is a large country comprising a large area in the south east of the main continent of Rodinia, plus large numbers of islands off the coast of the mainland. The islands of Ethion and Aquadis are the two largest of the member isles.


Kiltland is a cold and savage place of vast pine forests. Winter here is brutal and the people here even more so. The Rodnians have yet to conquer the Kilts, and it seems unlikely that they ever will for this race are fierce, barbaric and even more warlike than the Rodinians themselves. Only their lack of organisation causes them to be little threat to their neighbours.


Marlek is the land of the orcs, ruled over by a evil lich king. Not much is truly known about the lands of Marlek, save that it is a very dangerous place, best not visited.


Maya is a huge sprawling inhospitable jungle. The local people are quite primitive compared to the rest of the world. It is believed they are canibalistic and worship strange gods. They are a water based culture, using kayaks made of hollowed out trees to navigate the waterways of the jungle lands they call home. Surprisingly this race appear to be a sub-race of the elven race; some sort of 'wild elves'.


Mochica, Crown of the Frontier lands, is widely believed to be one of the most beautiful and exotic countries in the world. The kingdom of Mochica, of which Sasserine is its capital city, is formed of one large rougly square island, dominated with a ring of volcanic mountains which rise into the sky.


The Steppes of Nagastan are a rolling land which is peopled by pastoral nomads who migrate along with the herds of horses, sheep and goats from region to region in search of fresh pasture lands. Food supplies are augmented through hunting and gathering. Nagastan society is tribal, and the nomadic lifestyle is neither condusive to pan-tribal unity or nationhood. The Nagastani live in tents called yurts which they take with them on their nomadic travels.


Tapiriit makes up the bulk of the Frozen North. It is a huge, flat area which is almost permanently frozen. The land is populated by nomadic hunters who scratch out a living on the ice. There are only two things to fear here - the ferocious and aggressive ice bears, and the Frost Queen, a witch of sinister reputation who is said to ride a white dragon.

People of Note

Emperor Augustus Tiberius

The most powerful man alive, politically, and head of the most powerful nation in present day Rodinia. Emperor Augustus Tiberius is a private man, but rumour has it he is ambitious to extend the size of his already huge empire still further.

Emperor Enoeda