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Clickable map of Eastward
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Ruler:Duke Edward
Government:Local Lord
Size:1000 ft. by 1000 ft.
Population:10,000 souls
Predominant Race:Human
People of Note:Abbot Brooke, Archbishop Dellin, Duke Edward, Shidoshi Ohta, Sir Balain
Organizations:The Albion Royal Family, The Dwarven Trade Missions, The Monasteries of the Way


The frontier town of Eastward is the first defence against the hordes of the east. A fortified town that is constantly at a state of readiness for war, this place is in everyway a frontier town. Times are tough here and luxury is not well known.

Places of Interest

The Palace

Heavily protected by the Duke's special guards.

The Brooke Residence

The residence of the very wealthy Brooke family, of whom Abbot Brooke is the patron.

The Barracks

The army encampment where many conscripts are based, living in tents.

Eastward Church

Looked after by Archbishop Dellin.

The Barracks Inn

The inn in the low quarter. Quite a dive.

The Land's End Inn

The main inn in the town.

The Merchant's Rest

An inn in the merchants quarter - much business is done here.

The Palace View Inn

Inn near the palace which is frequented by rich patrons.

The Monastery of the East Winds

Eastward's monastery.


The frontier town of Eastward is the first defence against the hordes of the east. A fortified town that is constantly at a state of readiness for war, this place is in everyway a frontier town. Times are tough here and luxury is not well known.

Duke Edward, the cousin of King Jarrad I, rules this town and the lands around. It is constantly patrolled by soliders and is a safe place, in terms of crime. The palace is home to the current ruler of the town but palace is really far too strong a word for the castle keep that it really is. This whole town is built around defense and the palace is no exception.

The soldiers based here wear the navy blue of Eastward and their standard is a rampant bear on a navy blue background.


Eastward grew up from a fort, guarding the borders of the lands in years gone by. Slowly a small village grew up under the protection of the fort and the fort grew into a fortress and eventually the whole place grew into the walled town that it is today.


Eastward was ruled by Prince Jake during the Chaos Wars - the current King's elder brother. He was revealed as a werebear during the conflict as he took to the battlefield to fight the legions of the Easterners. He was also killed in that same conflict. At this stage Eastward almost fell, but was saved by the actions of a lone member of the Fellowship, who managed to assassinate Lord Taranaka - the leader of the armies opposing Eastward - in his own tent. This attack caused the Easterners' offensive to fail and the town was saved.

Since the discovery of Prince Jake being a werebear, the armies of the new Duke call themselves the Legion of the Bear and Duke Edward, understanding the importance of moral to an army, has adopted the sign of a rampant bear as the new heraldic device of his soldiers.

News and Rumour

Trading levels with the east are good and increasing.

No mans land is generally safe now.