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Castle Fortuna

Clickable map of Castle Fortuna
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Ruler:Lady Fortuna
Government:Local Lord
Size:300 ft. east to west by 200 ft. north to south
Population:200 souls
Predominant Race:Human
People of Note:Lady Fortuna, Lord Caelon

Places of Interest

Strongholds:The Keep
Inns:Quinn's Demise


Castle Fortuna lies in the north east of the Kingdom, on the edge of the Furrowed Hills and in close proximity to the Black Marsh, northernmost of the eastern marshes. It is generally far enough removed from the passes into the land of the Easterners to be safe from the threat of invasion from that expansionistic realm.

Castle Fortuna is located in a relatively safe place in Albion and is little bothered except for really cold winters that sometimes force the orcs of the Jagged Peaks to raid the farmlands around the castle. This has been going on for many years now and is never more than can be handled by the local militia and the odd band of adventurers.

The Lady Fortuna, Warden of the Black Marsh, swears fealty to King Jarrad I, to of Thistledelve, and the Knights of the Sun. She has been in charge of the castle and surrounding area for nearly five years now. She is well respected and liked by the people under her protection.


The stronghold used to be called Castle de Belame, which was run by Graham, Warden of the Black Marsh.


Castle de Belame was razed to the ground by the forces of the Demon Prince in the Chaos Wars.

The stronghold was renamed Castle Fortuna when it was granted to Lady Fortuna by the new King Jarrad I. It was rebuilt over the last few years by Lady Fortuna supposedly funded in part by treasure recovered from the lair of the great Ashardalon and the Tomb of Callidrill.

Lady Fortuna has proved a good local ruler and the area is prospering under her leadership.