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Land's End

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Category:City State
Location:The Wildlands
Ruler:Captain Scourge
Predominant Race:Human
People of Note:Arch Priest of Elenir, Captain Scourge, Drather, Vorusk

Places of Interest

Cities:Land's End City
Forests:Dreadwood, Leafy End

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Land's End is a dangerous place. There is no ruling body and no law. People here live by the sword. Trading is certainly done, but only when two parties feel that they are suitably matched in power such that a confrontation would be bad for both. Otherwise the stronger take from the weak. There is a high level of taxation in this state as anyone who feels they can get away with it "taxes" people for whatever they can. Bribes are common place. Generally people will pay the "tax" rather than fight for what they have - as long as the tax is of a value such as they can just about afford it. The market bears what it will bear and if a tax collector asks too much then they will have to fight to take the tax. That's how it works. The "palace" in Land's End city is a large sumptuous manor house. This is currently occupied by Captain Scourge, a half orc who has risen to the place of temporary leader of the state. He has this position till he dies or is forced out by someone stronger. He currently owns a fleet of 5 ships.

There is a reasonable lumber trade done in Lands End, due to an enterprising group of people who have set up a company which logs and trades the lumber. They hire guards for the loggers and refuse to pay more than a reasonable amount of tax. They sell their lumber to the shipwrights of Lands End city and also to Haven.

The Lands End "navy" (i.e. pirates) ply their "trade" up the western coast past Maard towards Wetland, and east around Haven's coast. On land bandits are rife, some under the pretense of tax collection, some just straight forward robbers. People living on the fringes raid into Maard and Haven for resources, booty and sometimes just fun.

Lands End has a significant population of orcs, primarily based inside the Dreadwood. These orcs are tribal and often fighting each other. They cause half orcs to be relatively common in the lands too.

Rulership of Lands End doesn't mean too much as its pretty much everyone for himself. However there is a city government infrastructure as such which is responsible for posting guards and collecting taxes and cleaning the streets and so forth. This is all done very badly with massive corruption, however these people are responsible for making sure that the current leader of the pirates here gets a cut of the taxes - and it would be inadvisable to let him down on that front. The leader is called such based on whoever can hold onto power. He resides in the palace when in the city. The current leader has been in power for little over a year now and there are many who would willingly take his place but none have managed it so far.