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Haven City

Clickable map of Haven City
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Ruler:Captain Kennit
Population:35,000 souls
Predominant Race:Human
People of Note:Belrak, Captain Kennit, Moser, Rothin, Urstwar

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Places of Interest

Traders' Castle

Center of government for the city and state.


The city port of Haven nestles alongside the eastern mouth of the Lakespill river at the south end of the Wildlands. The river lines its western edge and the sea its southern edge. The terrain rises up away from the river as you go east, meaning the seaside to the immediate east of the city is characterised by steep sheer cliffs of white chalk - the beginnings of the Western Cliffs. The further east you go in the city the higher in society you rise. The city inhabitants are talking literally when they say they are going "uptown" or "downtown". Approximately 35,000 people make Haven their home.

The docks area, down by the river are fairly typical of their sort with dockside taverns, gambling dens and brothels being common. The warehouses of the Trader families are sited nearby, slightly upriver from the docks. This area also houses the lesser trades - jobs where there is little money to be made. The taverns here are typical of their area too. Sailors and foreigners are common in this part of the world and life is quite rough.

Moving up the hill to the east you would then pass into the merchants quarters where most of the more normal trade in the city is performed. Beyond that you rise into the artisans quarter where goods are crafted to be sold "downtown" and traded abroad. In this area you can find the relativelty small temples to Mar and Hex, gods of war and magic respectively.

Further up still, with a commanding view over the city is Traders' Castle. This structure is a keep like ediface, surrounded with walls and guarded by the Trade Guards - a group of elite soldiers in the employ of the Trade Council. The Trade Council conduct their meetings and much of their grand social events at Traders' Castle. Nearby to Trader's Castle are the two temples to Storm and Cashel, the gods of the sea and trade.

As you leave the city proper you come to the land holdings of the Trader families. These large estates are well maintained by an army of servants, with sweeping drives and lawns demonstrating the relative wealth and power of the families in question. The Trader mansions are huge and ostentatious. In this area, it is considered of importance to have a manor which overlooks the sea. Captain Kennit's manor commands an outcrop of rock which not only overlooks the sea, but also the whole of Haven city and the lands beyond.

Most people in Haven live with their businesses, so all the trade shops have living accomodation built above or sometimes alongside them. So depending on what service you require will depend on what part of the city you need to visit. Generally speaking the more up market the service and the more money to be made in the business, the higher up the hill you need to look.

Generally Haven city is a clean place. It has a working sewer system which pushes sewage out into the sea beneath the cliffs. With the exception of the dockside the place is quite safe. There are few patrols of the Trader Guards around the city because people are just well behaved. The place has an order to it which comes from the city folks' culture of being courteous to one another. The people are proud of their city and their state and the reputation it has for doing things the right way.

The dockside area is not quite the same. It is a bit rough around the edges and that is encouraged. If people need to let off steam this is where they do it. Drunkenness is disapproved of uptown, but downtown it is allowed. Foreigners and especially sailors are always politely encouraged to remain downtown. The dockside has everything a sailor could want in port and they are fully expected to stay there. Foreigners wandering further uptown, especially at night are likely to attract the attention of a wandering Trader Guard patrol and be escorted back to their rightful place.

The city (and by extension the whole state) is run by the Trader Council. This comprises the Trader from the twelve traditionally richest Trader families in the city. The Trader is the head male of the household. Typically their first son goes on to become Trader after them and run the family. Many of the second children of the Trader families enter one or other of the two main temples in Haven city, Storm and Cashel. These temples are both well funded by the Trader families. Rule in the council is passed by vote with the leader of the council's vote being worth two. However usually Captain Kennit makes his feelings on a vote known and most families vote with his suggestion, so he clearly has control of the council.

The main road which leads to Lakeside follows the river immediately out of the city via Lakespill Gate. It is patrolled by road wardens flying the Trader Council banner. The secondary road leads out of Cliff Gate and heads off to Bluff in the Western Cliffs.

The river here is wide. Wide enough to keep the maruding Land's Enders' away from the city. A burning arrow shot from the Land's End side would plunge into the river, and not reach the dockside. Dockside is dotted with baracks of the Trader Guard who perform a dual role of keeping dockside from getting too rowdy and being on permanent guard from the lands on the other side of the river.

Haven city launches some raids across the river in order to keep the build up of strength near their borders low. Fortunately for the Haveners there is no real organization in the lands over the river so there is little real threat to the city from there at present.

Being located at the border with Hishan, and closest to Khemit by sea, plus bordering the elves of Sylvandale and three other city states Haven is easily the trading capital of the east. This independent city-state boasts a well trained and highly disciplined guard that keeps the streets safe and hospitable for its many wealthy and influential visitors. Because of its steadfast neutrality, beneficial location, and friendly port, Haven is where the wealthy come from every nation to broker deals and form alliances. Though the riverbed and surrounding plains provide the citizens of Haven with ample food and resources, the cityís primary source of income is trade: every ship mooring in its harbor and every caravan passing through its gates must pay a small tax for the right to do business in this desirable location. Because it is the only city where merchants can buy or sell to other merchants from so many far off lands, the streets are always crowded with exotic travelers and businessmen looking to make their fortune. There is no lack of adventure in Haven either, for where there is wealth there is always intrigue, and some merchants deal in more than just silks and herbs. The dockside taverns are filled with shady characters looking for discreet men to carry out one plan or another. Whatís more, adventurers returning with rare treasures are always able to find interested buyers in the cityís market place and trading districts.

The buildings of Haven tend to be made of wood with peaked, thatched roofs, and shuttered windows. Some, however, especially those in the richer districts, are made of stone.

The mighty Lakespill River borders Haven. In addition to the excellent port provided by the riverís mouth, the Lakespill is also a popular means of transportation, both upstream and down. Many merchants ship their cargo in large vessels to Havenís port then move them inland on wide barges, and inland merchants often ship their goods to Haven via the Lakespill as well. There are no bridges spanning the river as the other side of it is the agressive city state of Lands End.

Haven is mostly surrounded by a 20 foot-high stone wall complete with parapets and walkways. Four patrols walk circuits around the walls. One begins at the Lakespill gate and heads riverside till it reaches the river and then retraces its steps. Simultaneously one patrols up and down between the two gates. And finally two patrols each pass back and forth along the long stretch of wall between the river on the sea-side and the cliff gate. There are about forty watchtowers dotting the wall as well. Each tower is manned by 4 archers, a light catapult and 2 engineers.

The high priest of Mar in Haven city is called Urstwar, and he is a well known brute of a fellow with huge arms and whose favoured weapon is a great war axe. The main priest of Hex is Urstwar's old travelling companion, Rothin, and he is well respected as one of the most gifted priests of the Arcane Lord, after the high priest in Pembrose city. Moser is the high priest of Storm in Haven. He's an old sea captin himself, grey and wrinkly with age now. He is very wise and well respected in the city. The high priest of Cashel is a shrewd fellow by the name of Belrak. There is no temple of Elenir in the city.