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Land's End City

Clickable map of Land's End City
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Location:Land's End
Ruler:Captain Scourge
Population:6,850 souls
Predominant Race:Human
People of Note:Captain Scourge, Drather, Vorusk

Places of Interest

Strongholds:Captain's Palace
Churches:Temple of Mar, Temple of Storm

Places of Interest

Captain's Palace

Traditionally the residence of the captain most able to keep hold of it.


A warning to travellers: The city port of Land's End: A more wretched hive of skum and villany you'd be hard pressed to find. You should be careful.

Land's End is a small port which only just about qualifies as a city. There are only 6850 souls living in this hell hole. It is not walled because no one has ever bothered to build a wall. It has no upper class districts and more than its fair share of dives. You really are taking your life into your hands when you enter this place. And that's just because of the smell.

Land's End stinks. There is open sewage floating in the streets. There is the occasional dead body to be found - and you don't even need to sneak into an alleyway to find them. You can often find them lying in the streets. You can guarantee the bodies will have nothing valuable on them as nothing valuable stays lying on the streets of Land's End for more than a few moments before someone has it away.

"I don't like you. My friend doesn't like you either...". Look at someone the wrong way in this city and you'll likely end up in a brawl if you are very lucky, or with a knife in your back if you're not. Be an elf or dwarf in this city and your life expectancy drops to about thirty minutes, unless you are particularly skilled in martial or magical studies. A good display of beating the locals in a fight in the streets will get you some respect, unless it draws someone to you because they want to beat this new outsider in a fight.

The city is run, as such, by the half orc sea captain, Scourge. He currently controls a small fleet of five ships, which is very good going in this place. He is well known through the whole of the Wildlands as a dangerous, sadistic and unusually cunning orc. He might not have the raw brain power of Zoeldat (the high priest of Hex in Pembrose), but he has an incredible grasp of tactics and intimidation. Most of his enemies flee with battle from him - if they are lucky. Scourge resides in the city "palace" when he is in town. This is infrequent however as he prefers the open sea and raiding on his ship, the Skull and Crossbow .

Lands End has two temples, one to the god Mar which is headed up by a half-orc high priest called Vorusk, and one to the god Storm which is run by a human high priest called Drather. Both are personal friends of Captain Scourge who currently is the top dog in Land's End. Both are equally vile, repulsive and dangerous men.

There are two rickety wooden bridges which span the river flowing into the sea. These are not high enough to allow ships to pass upriver but low barges may do so easily. This does restrict the size of ship which passes up this river and stops any standard sea going vessels from doing so.

Overall, the best advice to travellers thinking of coming here: Go somewhere else.