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The Empire of Rodinia

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Location:Rodinian Continent
Ruler:Emperor Augustus Tiberius
Size:1000 miles east to west by 650 north to south
Population:800,000 souls
Predominant Race:Human
People of Note:Emperor Augustus Tiberius

Places of Interest

Countries:Dardania, Elam, Kurgan, Nubia, Nung, Rodinia, Semang, Tana Toradja, Weissland
Capitals:Rodin City


The greatest empire in the known World of Rodinia. This civilization stretches from the plains of Nubia in the south west all the way to the desolate mountains of Marlek in the east. It borders the warlike empire of Honshu in the north, and its close ally of Athena in the south east. Most of the entire continent of Rodinia is part of the great empire that bears its name. Those areas which have yet to be annexed by this expansionist realm view it with wary eyes.

Places of Interest


The Dardanians were frequently at war with the Kurgans over the Kurgans natural resources, and they were allies of Rodinia in its wars against Kurgan. The Dardanians continued to raid Kurgan after it became a Rodinian province, provoking the Rodinians to brutal retaliation. They finally submitted to Rodinian rule 100 years later - only a few score years ago. The Dardinians are noted for their worship of a snake god.


The Elamites are an ancient people who have long inhabited the region between the Honshu mountains and the vast Rodinian plains. An early city state civilization had evolved here when Rodinia was still in its infancy.


The Kurgans are primarily a farming people but they also mine their homeland's rich deposits of iron, silver and gold. The Kurgans are famous gold and silversmiths. Their country's natural riches has lead to many wars with their neighbours, especially Dardania and Rodinia. Eventually they fell to the Rodinian might.


Nubia is a large flat arid country inhabitted by a largely backward and peaceful peoples. Nubians are dark of skin with black hair and large flat noses. They are strong and are renouned for their constitution. Sadly the Rodinians tore into Nubia with a force the local people were unprepared for and occupied the whole country within weeks of invasion. As is their practice the Rodinians left the current system of government in place, and appointed a regional governor to oversee the lands. They also raped the country for slave labour and as a result Nubians are commonly seen as slaves throughout the Rodinian empire.


The Nung are an agricultural village based people who typically live in thatched houses raised on stilts. They use slash and burn techniques to cultivate valleys and terraces on hillsides, producing chiefly rice and corn; they also exploit the upland forests. They have a strong textile, handicraft and folk culture tradition. In dress they favour the colour indigo, associated with loyalty and fidelity. Their religion centers mainly on ancestor worship but also includes and eclectic mix of beliefs in spirits and deities.


Rodinia is the country at the very centre of the world, the country which gives its name to the continent it dominates and indeed to the world itself. It is the single most powerful country in the world, possibly in competition with Khemit and Honshu, and the most advanced civilization, perhaps with the exception of Athena, its ally.


The Semang live as a nomadic people, traditionally hunter gatherers, in self governed tribes and sub-tribes. They use blow pipes to hunt small game. The name Semang means debt slave as the Rodinians use them as a source of slaves, much like the Nubians. In religion, the Semang practice mostly druidical magic. The Semang still live a traditional life, in caves, under rocks and leaf covered overhangs. They are easily quelled by the powerful Rodinian army and their traditions are very threatened by the occupying forces.

Tana Toradja

Tana Toradja is Rodinian for "The Land of Hope" or "Hopeful Lands". They gave this realm this name after invading here and driving out the goblinoids of Marlek in around 647 AR, in the hope of encouraging other people of the expanding Empire to come and settle this hilly region.


Weissland is the furthest from the base of the Rodinian empire. It is a buffer to the fierce warrior lands of the Kilts. Weissland was a tribal land of loose knit groups. Weissland is the name given to the country by the Rodinians, as this land is frequently blanketed by snow.

Rodin City

Capital city of the world's greatest empire.

History of The Empire of Rodinia

six hundred seventy-seven years ago

The city of Rodin is founded by Rodinius. The new calendar begins.

four hundred thirty-one years ago

The Republic of Rodinia is formed.

two hundred six years ago

The Empire of Rodinia is formed with Emperor Augustus at its head.

one hundred ninety-one years ago

Rodinia invades and conquers Nubia. This is the new Empire's first aggressive action.

one hundred eighty-five years ago

The lands of Nung capitulate to Rodinia.

one hundred seventy-three years ago

The lands of Kurgan surrender to Rodinia.

one hundred fifty-eight years ago

Hadrian replaces Trajan as ruler and crushes cult of Elemental Evil.

fifty-six years ago

Rodinia brings Dardania under its control.

twenty years ago

Emperor Augustus Tiberius comes to power in Rodin City.