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Location:Rodinian Continent
Government:Independent Communities
Size:330 miles east to west by 240 north to south
Population:10,000 souls
Predominant Race:Human

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The Tapiriit are seasonally mobile within their vast, inhospitable territory. They subsist almost entirely as hunters and fishers. Most Tapiriit live on the coast and hunt marine mammals, but some groups, notably the Caribou, live inland and hunt caribou. The Tapiriit speak many dialects of their language, operate in independent but highly cooperative groups and are well adapted to an extremely harsh environment.

The snow houses for which the Tapiriit are popularly known are temporary structures used for hunting camps. The coastal Tapiriit live in well insulated, partly subterranean huts built of turf, stone and driftwood. Those living inland rely on tents. The Tapiriit practice a druidic religion, and shamans act as a link between humans and animal spirits. Dogsleds and skin boats are a common method of travel. Single cockpit skin kayaks are used by men for hunting and larger open umiaks are used by women.