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Location:Rodinian Continent
Ruler:High Priest Imhotep
Size:130 miles east to west by 100 north to south
Population:40,000 souls
Predominant Race:Human
Historical Figures:Sir Mangarack

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Hishan is bordered on the south by the sea, and on the east by the Great Desert. To the north east is the feudal kingdom of Albion and to the north west the dangrous Wildlands. Fortunately for Hishan, the nearest city state of the Wildlands to its borders is the relatively peaceful Haven city state. To the immediate north of Hishan is the elven forest of Sylvandale.

Most of Hishan itself is at least partial desert and scrubland. To the northern end of the country are the Zakhu mountains which drop away into lower hills before fading into the elven woodlands. The lands immediately across the border from both the Wildlands and Albion are the most fertile of all Hishan and these plains are where the farmers grow the crops to feed the small civilization which inhabits Hishan.

Hishan is sometimes known as Little Khemit and did once upon a time use to be a colony of Khemit. It has shaken free of the rule of the pharoahs though, but still shares much of the same culture including the language. The extensive pantheon of Khemit gods has been replaced with the worship of two gods, Ra, the sun god, and his evil nemesis, Set. Ra's priests rule this nation, making it a theocracy and the High Priest of Ra its ultimate ruler. Worship of Set is punishable by death in Hishan.

Zakhu is the capital of Hishan, with the large towns of Al Qu'im, Mahabad and Shelech being the next most important. A series of well made and well maintained roads criss cross the theocracy - a remnant of the time when Hishan was still a colony of Khemit.

Relations with neighbours are generally good. Hishan maintains virtually no contact with the insula kingdom of Albion, nor with the elves of Sylvandale. Although in recent times a trade agreement has been signed with Albion and trade links are beginning to be forged. Trade is fair with the city state of Haven to the north west. The Great Desert protects Hishan from the ravages of the Empires of Rodinia and Honshu. Khemit has fairly good relations with Hishan, considering that the smaller country only gained independence about a score of years ago, in a bloody revolution. Trade between the two countries is small, but on the increase.

Hishan is a fairly respectable country. Foreigners are welcomed but expected to act with honour and courtesy whilst within the theocracy. Overt worship of other gods than Ra (or other gods of the sun, such as neighbouring Albion's Pelor) is at least forwned upon, probably stopped and possibly directly punished.

Barter is a way of life in Hishan. No one quotes the price they want for a good they are selling and everyone has a poor sick daughter they need to feed with the latest offering they are selling. Ripping people off who do not appreciate the value of goods, or who are too rich to care, is not immoral - it is merely the way things are here.

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The third largest town in the Theocracy of Hishan.

History of Hishan

forty-four years ago

The Theocracy of Hishan breaks free from the rule of Khemit and becomes independent.