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Dragon Province


Location:The Empire of Honshu
Ruler:Togashi Yokuni
Government:Local Lord
Size:200 miles east to west by 250 north to south
Population:50,000 souls
Predominant Race:Human
People of Note:Togashi Yokuni

Places of Interest

Druids Circles:Akihabara


The Dragon clan were originally united under the banner of the legendary monk Togashi Yokuni. Now every Dragon champion takes the name Togashi Yokuni and indeed all of Togashi family are now monks - the legendary ise zumi, tattooed monks. Other than the Togashi there are three other major families in the clan: the Mirumoto, the main samurai clan; the Kitsuki, a lesser samurai clan; and the Agasha, the shugenja clan. The daimyo of each of these families together run the Dragon - when the champion is not available.

The Dragon clan have always kept themselves separate from the rest of Honshu. They do not involve themselves unnecessarily in the politics of the empire and their champion does not involve himself in the political intrigue of the court. In fact the Dragon champion rarely ever leaves his mountain fortress in the south of the province. The Dragon clan's political capital, therefore, is the city of Ryoto Owari which is the base of the major samurai family the Mirumoto family, and is where the fearsome Mirumoto daimyo, Hitomi, has her court.

Places of Interest


A stone circle of 12 obelisks of ancient quarried stone from the northern mountains of Honsu. This is the ancient seat of druidic power and its name translates as "Druid Home" in the common tongue. A small cosy cottage lies near the stone circle. The whole place is covered by an illusion that makes it appear desolate and uninteresting until the very centre of the area is entered, then it is revealed for what it is.


Like all the main 7 clans of Honshu, the Dragon are ruled by their Champion. In the case of the Dragon clan that Champion is always called Togashi Yokuni. The Champion gives up his place as an ise zumi and wears the gold and steel armour of the Champion, fashioned into the shape of a dragon. The Champion has hardly ever been heard to speak. Instead he commuicates through an ise zumi servant who it appears hears the words of the Champion in his head. The Champion rare ever leaves his mountain fortress in the south where the ise zumi train. At times of meetings between the Dragon clan daimyo and their Champion, they must go to him.

Ise Zumi

The ise zumi are the tattooed monks of the Dragon clan. They are unlike the normal monks of this land but instead deal in riddles and confusion. When it is time for the next Champion to be chosen he was chosen from amoung the ranks of the ise zumi. That man spent 100 days in the Chamber of the Dragon pondering the Riddle. Then he rose to become the new Champion.

The ise zumi are based purely in the mountain fortress far to the south of the Dragon clan lands. They are rarely seen through out the clan lands and their arrival anywhere typically portends something bad. In order to become an ise zumi a man must climb to the mountain fortress up the outside of the mountain. Most are lost to the ferocious winds which sweep the mountain side and only those few brave enough and successful at climbing to the fortress are allowed to stay and be trained as ise zumi.