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Location:Rodinian Continent
Government:Independent Communities
Size:500 miles east to west by 320 north to south
Population:60,000 souls
Predominant Race:Human

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The Steppes of Nagastan are a rolling land which is peopled by pastoral nomads who migrate along with the herds of horses, sheep and goats from region to region in search of fresh pasture lands. Food supplies are augmented through hunting and gathering. Nagastan society is tribal, and the nomadic lifestyle is neither condusive to pan-tribal unity or nationhood. The Nagastani live in tents called yurts which they take with them on their nomadic travels.

Inter-tribal warfare is endemic, usually with the outcome that one tribe gains a temporary politcal ascendancy over its neighbours, only to be later usurped by a rival clan. They also frequently raid into Tana Tordja and Nung. The Rodinians are trying to stop this but the fluid nature of the Nagastan attacks makes pinning them down into a tactical battle, which the Rodinians favour, difficult.

There are two major trade routes which pass through Nagastan from Rodinia to Athena. These are a constant source of resources to the raiding Nagastanis.

Although most tribes are independant, a confederation of four tribes exists, which is known as the Dorben Oirats (the "four allies"). The Oirats are based in the west of Nagastan and are also known as the Western Nagastanis. They are frequently at war with Rodinia and are close to gaining control of the northern trade route. They continue to make attempts to achieve cultural unity in Nagastan, so far unsuccessfully.

The Nagastanis worship a horsegod.