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The Cosmos


Category:Plane of Existence
Notes:History of The Cosmos

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The cosmos is an infinite space comprising the Elemental Chaos, the Astral Sea, the Shadowfell, the Feywild, and stuck in the middle of it all, the mortal world, the World of Rodinia.


In the distant reaches of time and space, the primodials, random, unfathomable beings existed in the distant reaches of the universe known as the Elemental Chaos. At some time, as was their wont, they randomly collected a group of elements and fused them into one. This fusion took shape and the World of Rodinia was created. It was a strange and brutal place, nothing at all like how it exists today.

Soon thereafter, in a cosmic timescale at least, beings of a diametrically opposite nature to the primodials came into being in the universe. These beings, now known as the gods, saw the potential of this creation the primordials had inadvertently created and desired to make it their own, to bring order to this new world. But to do this meant wresting the primodial control from this new creation. And this meant war.

According to legend and mythology, the battles raged across the cosmos for uncounted centuries. This war became known as the Dawn War. The gods slowly gained the upper hand, successfully imprisoning or banishing many of the primordials. However, this war threatened the very existence of the world, as the primordials who brought it forth from the Elemental Chaos clashed with the gods who sought to fix the form of the world in permanence. If something was not done this new world, the very thing the Dawn War was being fought over, would be destroyed. And then something did indeed happen.

In the last days of the war, a new force made itself known in the cosmos: the spiritual expression of the world itself. These primal spirits declared an end to the conflict, asserting that the world would no longer be a battleground for the two opposing forces. The gods and the primordials were banished to their home planes, and the primal spirits of the world decreed a balance: the world would remain a place where matter and spirit mingled freely, where life and death proceeded in an orderly cycle, where the seasons changed in their unending wheel without interference. The gods and the primordials could still influence the world, but they could not rule it.

These primal spirits are beyond number, ranging from spirits too weak to have proper names to the mightiest incarnations of nature’s power. They are spirits of winds and weather, of predators and prey, of plains and forests, of mountains and swamps. As the people of the world have come to know these primal spirits and live in harmony with them, some mortal spirits have joined their number after death, just as some mortal souls pass to the dominions of their gods. These great ancestors are among the most potent of the primal spirits.

Places of Interest

Sigil - City of Doors

Sigil is located somewhere in the Cosmos. It has the shape of a torus, the city itself is located on the inner surface of the ring. There is no sky, simply an all-pervasive light that waxes and wanes to create day and night.