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The Cosmos

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The Cosmos is an infinite space which originally, and for an infinite time, contained nothing. Then a rift formed in the edge of the Void and some elemental energies spilled out. They spun into the nothingness beyond and coalesced to form a huge lump of earth, fire and water, cocooned in a bubble of air. Thus was the planet now called Rodinia formed.

But the elements were not all that escaped that rift. Darkness poured forth into the space beyond the Void and filled it. Moments later followed the Light. It was but an instant later in the reckoning of time, but coming second to the space beyond the Void was hugely significant. Light was only able to find small spots in the space that Darkness had not already filled. Thus were the stars formed.

Yet Light was the first to find the planet. And it created a giant sun in the air above the planet and Light suffused the lands. Then Darkness arrived and the two began their eternal battle over the lands. The buffeting of these primordial forces caused the world to spin in place and so the Lightís orb was visible to each place on the land for half the time. The rest of the time the land was thrown into darkness. So it has remained ever since.

The Void

The Void is somehow separate from the infinite expanse of the Cosmos; separate and yet somehow attached. The Void is a maelstrom of swirling and powerful energies. Fire, earth, air and water roil in an endless dance. Never standing still; always in flux. Amid this turmoil of fundamental Elemental forces, two primordial energies battle endlessly. Darkness and Light are one anotherís nemeses, each an anathema to the other. They wage an unending war for supremacy in the Void. And all is in balance. For the most part.

Light and Darkness

The two major primordial powers in the Cosmos are Light and Darkness. Perfect opposites of each other they have nothing in common. Light is a force for benevolent goodness; Darkness is a force for destruction and malice. Where Light creates, Darkness destroys. These two powers are the forces that give the priests of Rodinia their power, and when the priests pray they open tiny portals into the Void and draw on the energy of their power sources. Some might call these forces gods, but perhaps they are too primal for that definition. Indeed in various cultures around the world Light and Darkness are given local names and worshipped as gods.

The Elements

Earth, Air, Fire and Water are the four fundamental elements from which everything in the World of Rodinia is formed. These exist in huge quantities in the Void and practitioners of the mystical arts sometimes open tiny gates into the Void to channel these energies into the world in the form of arcane spells. Pyromancers in Lucarcia calling down pillars of flame on their enemies are opening tiny portals to the Void and summoning and shaping this energy with their words and gestures.

Servants of Light and Darkness

In the depths of the Void powerful beings of Light and Darkness exist. Some might call them angels and demons. Through the ages, occasionally these beings have manifested themselves on the World of Rodinia. These creatures have sometimes been summoned by powerful magi or priests opening up Gates into the Void. Sometimes they appear to have been sent by the Light or the Darkness directly. The most famous of these was the Demon Prince, who came to the lands a thousand years ago. He was banished then, but returned again just a handful of years ago. A group of powerful people crossed over into the Void and destroyed him.