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The Cosmos

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The cosmos is an infinite space known as the Void. Stuck in the middle of it all is the mortal world, the World of Rodinia.

The Void

In the beginning there was nothing. This nothing was not the nothing of simple absence. It was the nothing of chaos. It was the nothing of infinite possibilities. It was the nothing of potential. At that time where was no one to give a name to this empty place, this lack, this dormant, ever-changing future.

Now it is known simply as The Void.

Light and Darkness

In the infinite span of the ages, inside this infinite maelstrom of creative and destructive energies, inevitably something formed. It was a power for good; for order. A power for healing and creation. This force is so complex, so absolute and so utterly beyond our ability to understand, that all we can do is to give it a name. Today this power is known simply as the Light.

But the Universe abhors a vacuum. So it was also inevitable that some force would come to balance the Light. And so it did. A power which we can only describe as ultimate evil, destruction and devastation. Chaotic and wanton, this power opposes the Light, by mere virtue of its existence. And in our limited way, we label this power simply as the Darkness.


The Light is a power of creation and so it was inevitable that over time it would manifest this energy on a massive scale. The exact details of this creation are beyond our limited comprehension and ability to understand. But every part of this incredible power for positive energy was focussed into the creation of the entity we call the World of Rodinia.

But the Light is not the only power in the Universe and it would not have utter sway over creation. For the Void, from which all things ultimately come, desires Balance. And so it was that the power of Darkness had its contribution to this creation.

Where the Light created growth and prosperity, the Darkness countered with entropy and decay. Where the Light brought grasslands and fertile plains, the Darkness delivered the explosive ravages of volcanic eruptions and lava flows. These two powers are constantly at war with one another, striving for mastery and control of our world. Once the destruction of a lava flow cools, the devastation becomes a fertile region, perfect for growth and sustenance - until the next earthquake rips the lands asunder.

Thus is all creation a constant battle between the seeming forces of good and evil. Yet, despite our natural draw to the Light and aversion to the Darkness, it is clear that for life to flourish in our world, both powers need to be present and, within reason, balanced.