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Location:Lucarcian Continent
Ruler:Lord Reynard Ferrand
Size:800 miles east to west by 400 miles north to south
Population:200,000 souls
Predominant Race:Human
People of Note:Ignatius Ruby
Historical Figures:Emperor Jovius Azure II
Organizations:House Azure, House Ruby

Places of Interest

Provinces:The Head of Usrum, The Spine of Ursum
Regions:The Tail of Ursum

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Ursum is the main island of the Lucarcian Continent. It holds three of the major five houses and the centre of the empire in the city of Lucar. The island is split into three provinces, the Head, Spine and Tail. The Head is controlled by House Ruby, the Spine by the Imperial House Azure and the Tail by House Ebon. This island is buffetted by large waves and storms in the south, but the north and eastern coasts are tranquil and sheltered in comparison. The weather is mostly temperate with a warm, dry climate in the summer and wet but not too cold winters.

Ursum boasts the most relics of the ancient Rainbow Empire which collapsed about five hundred years ago with the catastrophe of the Writhing Death and the destruction of Antissa. Small ruins dot the landscape, most of which are avoided by the locals and farmers. These ruins tend to have strange magical or technological anomolies and defenses protecting them and although it is said great treasures can be found in their depths, the risks are simply not worth it for most normal folk. These ruins are a magnet for adventurers and mercenary bands alike however.

Places of Interest

The Head of Usrum

The Head of Ursum is the name given to the province located at the far western end of the island of Ursum. Ruled by House Ruby the Head of Ursum is a large sprawling landscape, bordered by a big mountain range to the east and the sea to the west.

The Spine of Ursum

The Spine of Ursum is the central region of the island. This province was historically ruled by House Azure from the imperial capital at Lucar. This part of the continent is mostly now dangerous wilderness. A few points of civilization dot the Spine in places but travel between them is dangerous and not undertaken lightly. It has been so long since the Spine was patrolled that in fact no one really knows what lies in the desolate regions of the centre of the empire. Although this is the geographical centre of the empire it is probably one of the most dangerous and untamed areas in the continent.

The Tail of Ursum

This is the region at the north western end of the island of Ursum. As Ursum somewhat resembles a whale and this area would be the whale's tail. It was once a safe and prosperous region, part of the now ruined Rainbow Empire. It is now ruled by the Ebon House of the Lucarcian Empire. There are a number of villages and towns in the region but none of them have a great deal of control over the wilds in between them. Communications between the settlements is sparse and often confused. The lands which make up the majority of the Tail are wild, dangerous and only the foolish or brave venture into them.