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The Underdark


Location:The World of Rodinia
Organizations:The Cult of Elemental Evil

Places of Interest

Cities:Anathema, Erelhei-Cinlu, Forgehome, Maelbrathyr

Places of Interest


Anathema is a city of yuan-ti, deep in the Underdark. The ruler is a creature known as a "yuan-ti anathema", which the city is named after, a huge beast. There are 13 of these anathemas in total, one king and 12 nobles, each head of a faction vying to claim the throne, despite the fact they are insane and savage, not particularly sentient. Each dwells in a pit, known as a torture pit, and are constantly fed victims (slaves or lower ranked yuan-ti). Anathema used to be the drow capital, named Erenira by them. It fell in the distant past, the drow fled and made a new capital (Erelhei-Cinlu, their current home) and the ruins were claimed by Zehir for his yuan-ti followers.


Capital city of the drow, heavily fortified, built of basalt, spiders everywhere, situated deep in the Underdark within a vast cavern known as the Vault of the Drow, ruled by 8 noble houses and split into 8 districts (ghettos), each house controlling a ghetto, also home to the Fane of Lolth (massive cathedral).


Dwarven city in the shallow Underdark, located somewhere beneath the mountains to the north of Londinium, in Rodinia. Lots of mining. Suspicious of outsiders.


Maelbrathyr is a fallen tiefling city, which used to be on the surface thousands of years ago when the tiefling Empire ruled, but which collapsed down an abyss into the shallow Underdark, where it now lies mostly in ruins. Hosts a great slave market. Many strange creatures and races visit and trade. It can be reached from Forgehome.


The Cult of Elemental Evil

The Cult of Elemental Evil has one evil purpose: to release the dead god Tharizdun from his prison. They are based primarily in the Underdark but have various other centers and temples around the world.