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Location:Lucarcian Continent
Ruler:Agamedes Snow
Size:420 miles east to west by 350 north to south
Population:20,000 souls
Predominant Race:Human
Organizations:House Angus

Places of Interest

Provinces:Aldervale, Harrowland, Laren Vale, Realon Vale
Mountains:Stoneheart Mountains

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The island of Manabas lies on the northern edge of the Lucarcian continent. The north shore is rugged and wracked by storms but the southern and eastern shore lines are softer and are lapped by the Inner Sea and Lucarcian Straits. Manabas is a temperate region with warm summers, especially in the south, and cold winters. The Stoneheart Mountains dominate the island and have a huge impact on travel, trade and politics as the island is effectively split up by the massive mountain range.

The city of Stoneheart lies deep in the mountains after which it is named. In fact it would be more accurate to say it lies mostly under the mountains as most of the city is subterranean, keeping it out of the bitter winds and blizzards which often wrack the mountains in the winter. The Ice King, Agamendes Snow, rules Manabas from Stoneheart, but there are plenty of places where his reach does not extend. The most famous of these is the trade city of Dun Laren in the south east of the island. This is effectively an independent and wealthy city state, famous for its trading houses, huge dockyards and University. In the north east lies the city of Dun Realon. Remote and isolated Dun Realon is a trade destination and boasts a rare library. To the south west the forests of Manabas are home to a small nation of fey and the city of Dun Alder is their capital. Finally Dun Harrow in the far north west of the island is home to a malignant warlord of considerable power. His small army of orcs, goblins and other unsavoury types are a constant threat to the Ice King and his subjects.

The Guild of Master Merchants and Sea Farers has its base in the port town of Southport, nestled in a large natural harbor in the southern regions of the island. The Guild are a powerful political entity in the Empire. Even though this is the Trade Lords' seat of power in Manabas, most trade in the area goes to the independent city of Dun Laren, along the coast to the east, rather than into this town. This is possibly due to the better duties charged by Dun Laren's governor compared to the offices of the Ice King in Southport.

Places of Interest


The capital of Manabas and center of the power base for House Snow. This fortified city is perched high in the Stoneheart mountains and much of it lies beneath the mountains. Crafted by dwarves it is one of the most impregable cities in the world. The story of Stoneheart is really the story of Clan Dutenhammer.


Aldervale is the forested region covering the south west of Manabas. Most of this region is under the control of the elves of Dun Alder but there are some small human settlements here.


The northwest of Manabas is all but cut off from the rest of the island by the imposing Stoneheart mountains. This region is best avoided for it is known to be ruled by a malign and aggressive lord who calls orcs and goblins his subjects. Technically a vassal to the Ice King, this lord's soldiers would be far more likely to attack than aid the king's men.

Laren Vale

Laren Vale is the most densely populated region of Manabas and home to the mercantile trade hub of Dun Laren. Though this region technically falls under the control of the Ice King in Stoneheart, in practical terms the people here consider themselves under the protection of the Trade Lords who rule the city of Dun Laren.

Realon Vale

The city of Dun Realon controls the entire north east of the island of Manabas. Ruled by Lord Angus it owes fealty to the Ice King in Stoneheart although its remote setting means it is more or less independent.

Stoneheart Mountains

The Stoneheart range of mountains dominate the whole of Manabas from east to west. At their centre lies the capital and home of the Ice King, the city of Stoneheart. These mountains really define the geography and, by extension, the culture of the whole island.

History of Manabas

eighteen years ago

A rare celestial alignment meant that on the island of Manabas a short window of opportunity opened where the prison of Larin Karr became fragile and susceptible to breaking open. A small group of novice adventurers tried to stop this happening. These were the events of the Rodinia III campaign.