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Location:The Empire of Rodinia
Ruler:Emperor Augustus Tiberius
Size:345 miles east to west by 360 north to south
Population:100,000 souls
Predominant Race:Human
People of Note:Argus, Dash, Lareth, Mika, Shinobi, Valun
Historical Figures:Emperor Hadrian, Nemesis

Places of Interest

Towns:Dertona, Frusina, Herculaneum, Messana, Sava, Venusia
Hills:Tuscany Hills


Rodinia is the country at the very centre of the world, the country which gives its name to the continent it dominates and indeed to the world itself. It is the single most powerful country in the world, possibly in competition with Khemit and Honshu, and the most advanced civilization, perhaps with the exception of Athena, its ally.

Places of Interest

Tuscany Hills

Beautiful rolling hillside famous for its vineyards and the ancient Temple of Elemental Evil which lies in one of its darker valleys.


The Tiber river flows down from the Tuscany hills into the seas on the south coast.


The history of Rodinia is an interesting one.

Monarchy (1 AR to 246 AR)

The city of Rodin grew from settlements on and around the Palatine Hill, on the river Tiber. At this location the Tiber has an island where the river can be forded. Because of the river and the ford, Rodin was at a crossroads of traffic and trade. In Rodinian legend, Rodin was founded by Rodinius and that day became the first day of 1 AR. Rodinius, whose name inspired Rodin's name, was the first of seven Kings of Rodin, the last of whom, Tarquin the Proud, was deposed in 247 AR when the Rodinian Republic was established. The mythical or semi-mythical Kings are (in chronological order): Rodinius, Numa Pompilius (Good King Numa), Tullus Hostilius, Ancus Marcius, Tarquinius Priscus, Servius Tullius, and Tarquinius Superbus (Tarquin the Proud).

Republic (247 AR to 471 AR)

The Rodinian Republic was established in 247 AR, according to later writers such as Livy, when the King was driven out, and a system of consuls was established in its place. The consuls, initially patrician but later opened to plebeians, were elected officials who exercised executive authority, but had to contend with the Rodinian Senate, which grew in size and power with the establishment of the Republic.

The Republic of Rodinia was a generally peaceful place which put the development of technology, science, medicine and culture at its forefront. This took the Republic far ahead of its neighbours in terms of advancement. The Republic lasted some 200 peaceful years until slowly internal strife became its greatest threat.

In 450 AR three men, General Octavian, Senator Pompey, and Crassus took virtual control of the Republic through Octavian's military prowess, Pompey's senatorial support, and Crassus' immense fortune, forming the First Triumvirate. Each of the Three was elected consul before they began to struggle with each other for power. Octavian emerged victorious from the resulting Civil War, and was made dictator for life after refusing the title of king. He took on too much power too soon for some of the senators, however, and was murdered in a plot organised by Cassius in 455 AR. In the last republican power struggle, Octavian's designated heir, Tiberius, defeated Cassius at the Battle of Actium in 456 AR. He now assumed almost absolute power as military Imperator, the common people's sole tribune, and supreme authority over the Rodinian territories. These constitutional settlements transformed Rodinia from a Republic to an Empire.

Empire (472 AR to Present Day)

Tiberius designated successor, Augustus, took power without any bloodshed (or even much resistance) in 472 AR after the peaceful death of Tiberius. Augustus named himself Emperor of Rodinia and no one complained. So was the Rodinian Empire formed. The Rodinian Empire was already far in advance of its neighbours technologically and scientifically. It now turned its attention to its military might. Within the reign of the first Emperor, Augustus, Rodinia was ready to conquer. It started with the relatively easy targets of Nubia (which fell in 487 AR) and Nung (493 AR) in the first Emperor's reign and continued on from there.

Next on the list was Kurgan, who the Rodinians wanted for their vast natural resources. However Kurgan was frequently raided by Dardania and the Dardanians were too strong to risk upsetting - though not as strong as Rodinia itself. So Rodinia made a pact with Dardania and became alies with them. From this position it was able to attack and conquer Kurgan without any great risk. Kurgan fell in 505 AR.

Over the next century the Rodinians went on to conquer Tana Toradja, Semang, Elam and Weissland, often with the support of their alies the Dardanians. They also began probes into Kiltland, Marlek, Nagastan and even Maya but never made any significant efforts to conquer these lands.

During that century the Dardanians had constantly continued to raid into Kurgan, stealing the Rodinian resources from under their noses, breaking the terms of their alliance. Eventually this activity proved too much, and anyway Dardania was clearly the next on the list, so the Rodinians invaded Dardania in 622 AR.

The Empire of Rodinia has now conquered most of the main continent of what they have arrogantly named the World of Rodinia. They have stopped short of conquering the savage Kilts, the orcs and undead of the lands of Marlek and have so far been unable to tie the Nargastani horsemen down long enough to conquer them.

The Rodinians have recently began to test out the defenses of the mountain fortresses of the natives of Honshu. They have discovered that the men of Honshu are brave and fierce warriors whose technology and tactics in combat possibly matches their own. There is much discussion in the Rodinian senate about the wisdom of this campaign but for now the Emperor is keen on seeing how strong the Honshu defenses are so it continues to distract the Rodinian army.

In recent years the Rodinians have discovered the Athenians - a race from the east, across the Steppes of Nargastan - who seem to have a similar level of technology, medicine and science. They are also too far away to war with, due to the countries of Nargastan and Marlek being in the way, so they have set up trade agreements with the Athenians, fed by a couple of trade routes across the Steppes of Nargastan. The Rodinians trade much of the natural resources which they claim from their occupied territories and in exchange gain luxury items like silk from the far off Lucarcian Empire, and spices and other exotic goods.

History of Rodinia

one hundred fifty-eight years ago

Hadrian replaces Trajan as ruler and crushes cult of Elemental Evil.

twenty years ago

Emperor Augustus Tiberius comes to power in Rodin City.

thirteen years ago

A group of gladiators were formed into a fighting team with the name Nex Pervenio. They become the Champions of Rodin and win their freedom.