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Clickable map of Grunal
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Location:Northern Ibini
Ruler:Baron Gilbert
Government:Local Lord
Size:A small town.
Population:2,000 souls
Predominant Race:Human
People of Note:Baron Gilbert, Father Ungin, Mrs Ramsbottom, Overseer Varnell

Places of Interest

Manor Houses:The Manor House
Churches:The Church of the Light
Inns:The Shack, The Torrent
Warehouses:The Warehouses

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Grunal is the most easterly of the three baronies in the region, which makes it the furtherst from the centre of the continent and the hardest for the Guild ships to reach. However Baron Gilbert, who rules here, controls the largest farming and arable lands on the whole of Ibini. So it is certainly worth the Guild ships with large holds making the longer journey to this far barony.

Places of Interest

The Manor House

Baron Gilbert's manor house is a large stone building with wooden timbers and white washed plaster running across the exterior. The roof is tiled with deep red-orange tiles. The manor house is surrounded by the main 15' palisade which encircles the whole town, and has a big gate which is guarded by enforcers. A few of the baron's enforcers also patrol the gardens. The manor house itself is two storey's high with each floor being about fifteen foot high, meaning all the rooms are large and spacious.

The interior is lavishly appointed in keeping with Baron Gilbert's tastes. It shows off opulence but also an artistic eye. The house has many bedrooms - enough for the Baron and his extended family, plus a multitude of visitors. It is split into two wings with the Baron and family taking up one and visitors the other. A series of underground rooms house the staff and servants.

The Baron has a small livery in the grounds, where he keeps his stable of a dozen horses. These are lent out to people the Baron wishes to show favour to. Very occasionally the enforcers will be allowed to use these on his business. Sometimes the Baron and his wife go for long rides in the countryside around his town.

The Church of the Light

The Church of the Light is a reasonably impressive building - one of the few in Grunal built of stone. It has a set of stone steps leading up to an arched entrance and sports a large dome on top, like many of the churches of this faith across Manabas. The local priest, Father Ungin, is a devout and holy man who tends for the flock of Baron Gilbert's manor and beyond.

The Shack

The Shack is as bad as its name implies. It is ramshackle, under disrepair and in need of some care. However the food, as cooked by the owner Mrs Ramsbottom, is exquisite. Rumour has it the Baron has tried to recruit her to his kitchens but she has always refused.

The Torrent

The Torrent is a fairly rudimentary inn of moderate size. It has two floors and rooms for about a dozen occupants, plus a common dormitory. Food here is plain but filling and the innkeeper serves a fine ale which he brews on premise.

The Warehouses

The warehouses of Grunal are split. One – the westernmost one, by the river – is for coal, whilst the easternmost one, by the road, is for the food stuffs which come into the town. The latter has a cold cellar where the perishable food stuffs are kept before they ship off to sea in the Guild ships which call at the port of Zaneth to the south. Some fish is kept here; the produce that will be consumed here and in the surrounding hamlets and farmsteads. Most of what is stored here is destined for the infertile island of Manabas. Baron Gilbert’s estates are a great source of farming produce and a lot of it passes through here. The fox and scales banner of the Guild are prominent on the warehouses and they are regularly guarded by enforcers wearing the orange bandanas and sashes of the Baron.


Grunal is a walled town with a 15' tall wooden palisade surrounding the whole settlement. The walls have two gates - the southern one leads out towards the village of Zaneth; the northern one leads up towards the hamlet of Hillsend. The fast flowing river Ardeth flows into the town and out the other side, effectively splitting the settlement in half. Two wooden bridges span the river. The manor house of Baron Gilbert sits on the eastern side of the river and naturally this is where the nicer properties are located.

There are two inns in the town - the Torrent, which lies on the eastern side next to the river, and the Shack on the western side. The Torrent is more upmarket, but is still only pretty rudimentary. The Shack is as bad as its name implies. It is ramshackle, under disrepair and in need of some care. However the food, as cooked by the owner Mrs Ramsbottom, is exquisite. Rumour has it the Baron has tried to recruit her to his kitchens but she has always refused. Food in the Torrent is acceptable, but the overall ambience of the Torrent makes it the eatery of choice for most.

The town boasts a few simple shops and businesses - notably a smithy, a baker, a general goods store and a coal merchant. All of these buildings display the fox and scales symbol of the Guild somewhere on their premises, indicating their membership of the ubiquitous organization. There are two warehouses, one of which stores coal, the other stores farm produce from the surrounding area. Trade tends to be centred around coal and farm produce exports with imports being most everything else. A fair amount of fish also finds its way into the town from the port of Zaneth.

The town is controlled by the enforcers, led by overseer Varnell. The enforcers typically wear light armour and carry an assortment of weapons. They are easily recognised by their orange bandanas or waist sashes. Varnell is easily recognised by his facial scar and missing eye. The enforcers are generally protective of the populace, proud of their role in defending the Baron's territories. Varnell is one of few people in the town to own a horse - which was a gift from the Baron.