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Clickable map of Northern Ibini
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Location:Northern Ibini
Ruler:Baron Isla
Government:Local Lord
Size:A fishing village
Population:1,000 souls
Predominant Race:Human

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The village of Aeer serves as one of two ports of call for the barony of Baron Isla. It is nestled in a large bay which makes it easy to approach and is also situated alongside a large swath of very productive arable land. The only concern for the villagers in the relatively close proximity of the mountains which are known to be inhabited by evil creatures.


The village itself is quite typical of the region. A road runs in from Barusi. Farmlands lie mostly to the north, encircled by the road. A small forest lies to the south and a big one off to the east, beyond the road. Beyond the forest the looming mountains look down over Aeer like an angry sentinel.

There is a fairly large dock here and more warehouses than would be expected for a settlement of this size. Guild ships are common here all season from early spring to late autumn. This is probably the most commonly visited location in Ibini for Guild ships along with its sister port of Carmelo to the north.

Baron Isla’s Enforcers are common here as she is keen to make sure the place feels safe for visitors and locals alike. The captain is called Eric and is a firm favourite of Overseer Emilia who appointed him personally.

A small chapel of the Light is central to the village and overlooks the docks. The tavern of the Favourable Zephyr is large and simple, but kept clean and wholesome. It is often the first place visitors to Ibini stay in, and as such Baron Isla gives the innkeeper, Sora, a small stipend every month to encourager to keep the place in good condition and very welcoming.

A large market square is surrounded by local businesses like a small smithy, baker and general store. These have close ties to the warehouses. Unusually the Guild of Master Merchants and Seafarers has recently set up an office here. So they now have a permanent presence here. People wonder if this is the beginnings of the Guild trying to expand its influence into the region, or if it signifies an alliance between Baron Isla and the Guild.