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Clickable map of Zaneth
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Location:Northern Ibini
Ruler:Steward Bayliss
Government:Local Lord
Size:A fishing village.
Population:700 souls
Predominant Race:Human
People of Note:Steward Bayliss

Places of Interest

Churches:The Church of the Light
Inns:The Fisherman’s Rest
Markets:The Market
Huts:The Cabin

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Zaneth is a busy fishing port. Most if not all of Gilbert’s considerable farm produce flows through this village, as well as the fish which comes into it from the eastern seas. The road to Grunal is usually teaming with wagons going in both directions. It is perhaps the settlement which is furthest removed from the centre of the Lucarcian Continent.

Places of Interest

The Church of the Light

The priest here acts like a missionary sent by head office to squash sailor superstitions and bring them fully into the Light.

The Fisherman’s Rest

Inn decorated with nautical paraphernalia e.g. whale jawbone, sahuagin spikes, narwhal horn, large turtle shell, etc. Clientele are mostly locals and fisherfolk.

The Market

The main market area in Zaneth functions mainly as a commercial market, with Guild merchants making bulk deals. This is where caravans to and from Grunal start and end. That also makes this the place to hire caravan guards, or to get a job as one. Most guards are freelance but there is one guard company - “Ibini Protection”. Despite the name they only work the Grunal/Zaneth route currently, but have ambitious plans for growth.


These merchant buildings hold produce from Grunal and inland farms, destined for overseas markets, along with inbound goods from afar. They have the sign of the Fox on scales hanging from their doors. A central guardpost doubles as a tavern, and is used mostly by merchant staff.

This region is also the docks of Zaneth. There are multiple piers and in the spring to autumn they often have Guild ships moored in them, delivering or collecting goods for trade.

The Cabin

In a prime spot right at the heart of the harbour stands a small hut known simply as “The Cabin”. It’s been there longer than living memory. The current occupant, Auld Jacque, is an ancient, toothless, ruddy-faced fellow, with a glass eye and wooden leg. It’s a wonder he hasn’t been bought up or bullied out by Guild merchants. If you want gossip and rumour, talk to Jacque as everything seems to pass by his ears.


A culture clash is underway in Zaneth. The old era is typified by superstitious fishermen, who are coming into increasing conflict with a new breed of ruthless merchants. It’s becoming common for an entire fish harvest to be bought out by a single merchant, and to be sold on at a profit without (from the fishers’ perspective) doing any real work. Construction is underway to “improve” the harbour i.e. make it more suitable for merchant vessels, but with less space for the fishing boats. So far the tension mostly manifests when coincidence means that a bountiful fishing season clashes with a particularly busy time for shipping. But the problem will only worsen with time, as the Guild influence continues to grow.