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The Manor House

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Category:Manor House
Owner:Baron Gilbert
Government:Local Lord
Size:A large manor house.
Population:10 souls
Predominant Race:Human
People of Note:Nevil


Baron Gilbert's manor house is a large stone building with wooden timbers and white washed plaster running across the exterior. The roof is tiled with deep red-orange tiles. The manor house is surrounded by the main 15' palisade which encircles the whole town, and has a big gate which is guarded by enforcers. A few of the baron's enforcers also patrol the gardens. The manor house itself is two storey's high with each floor being about fifteen foot high, meaning all the rooms are large and spacious.

The interior is lavishly appointed in keeping with Baron Gilbert's tastes. It shows off opulence but also an artistic eye. The house has many bedrooms - enough for the Baron and his extended family, plus a multitude of visitors. It is split into two wings with the Baron and family taking up one and visitors the other. A series of underground rooms house the staff and servants.

The Baron has a small livery in the grounds, where he keeps his stable of a dozen horses. These are lent out to people the Baron wishes to show favour to. Very occasionally the enforcers will be allowed to use these on his business. Sometimes the Baron and his wife go for long rides in the countryside around his town.