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Current campaign The World in Ruin
Current date in the City of Rodin: 11 June, 3040
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Rodin City


Ruler:Emperor Augustus Tiberius
Size:4 miles square
Population:20,000 souls
Predominant Race:Human
People of Note:Emperor Augustus Tiberius
Historical Figures:Emperor Hadrian, Emperor Trajan
Notes:History of Rodin City

Places of Interest

Arenas:The Grand Coliseum

Capital city of the world's greatest empire.

Places of Interest

The Grand Coliseum

The largest arena in the world, the Grand Colisuem stretches 5 stories into the skyline and dominates this part of the city of Rodin.

People of Note

Emperor Augustus Tiberius

The most powerful man alive, politically, and head of the most powerful nation in present day Rodinia. Emperor Augustus Tiberius is a private man, but rumour has it he is ambitious to extend the size of his already huge empire still further.

Historical Figures

Emperor Hadrian

Hadrian was a young gladiator around the time that Emperor Trajan led his infamous and disasterous crusade against the Temple of Elemental Evil. With Trajan gone, presumed dead, Hadrian stepped into the power vacuum, buoyed by the popular vote. He soon proved himself as adept at handling armies and senators as he was with gladiators. He led a victorious and ruthless military campaign. This was capped with the destruction of the temple and the dispersal of the cultists. The remainder of his rule was noted for general peace and content.

Emperor Trajan

The reign of Trajan was an unhappy one. There was much civil unrest and discontent. This was due to a combination of harsh rule, heavy taxation and a decadent leadership living in luxury. At this time an evil cult, which became known as the Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye, began to greatly increase its power base. The unsettled Rodinian cities were fertile recruiting ground. A great temple was constructed - the Temple of Elemental Evil - located in hills a couple of hundred miles north east of Londinium. The growing cultist threat finally forced Trajan out of his decadent torpor. He reluctantly led a campaign against the temple. Unsurprisingly his demoralised forces were easily defeated. Trajan himself was captured or killed during the battle, certainly never seen again.