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Current campaign The World in Ruin
Current date in the City of Rodin: 11 June, 3040
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The World of Rodinia

Clickable map of The World of Rodinia

Clickable map of The World of Rodinia
Aquadis Ethion Isle Kiltland Gumatj Nargastan Nung, Rodinian Empire Weissland, Rodinian Empire Crab Province, Honshu Maya Mochica Upper Khemit Middle Khemit Tapiriit Phoenix Province, Honshu Ager The Domain of Hawkmoon The Great Desert The Wildlands Lower Khemit Hishan The Kingdom of Albion Dragon Province, Honshu Lion Province, Honshu Unicorn Province, Honshu Crane Province, Honshu Elam, Rodinian Empire Scorpion Province, Honshu Dardania, Rodinian Empire Nubia, Rodinian Empire Kurgan, Rodinian Empire Rodinia, Rodinian Empire Semang, Rodinian Empire Athena Tana Toradja, Rodinian Empire Marlek The Island of Manabas, Lucarcian Empire Ibini, Lucarcian Empire Ursum, Lucarcian Empire Granita, Lucarcian Empire New Keep Sapporo Akihabara Ashtar Casden Poisson Hollytree Mount Macarack Dragon's Perch Khazagrim Melinas Dream Littlebrook Monastery of the West Winds The Niten Dojo Waymeet Abbey Waymeet Eastward Abbey Eastward Monastery of the East Winds Castle Fortuna Thistledelve Monastery of the North Winds The Black Swamp Southern Swamplands Eldaran Barren Scrub The Jagged Peaks Sylvandale Deepwood Bandit Wood Furrow Hills Tapiriit Ager Kiltland Marlek Athena Ethion Isle Aquadis Lion Province, Honshu Phoenix Province, Honshu Crane Province, Honshu The Domain of Hawkmoon The Wildlands Sylvandale Unicorn Province, Honshu The Kingdom of Albion Weissland Crab Province, Honshu Scorpion Province, Honshu Dragon Province, Honshu The Theocracy of Hishan Maya Nargastan Gumatj Mochica The Great Desert Elam Semang Tana Tornadja Dardania Kurgan Nubia Nung Rodinia Dominion City Elfhome Wetland City Westport Maard City Land's End City Smugglers Haven City Lakeside Bluff Pembrose City Woodend The Ruins of Gyal Elerelen Pinewood Murkwood Wetland Marshes Maard Uplands The Alley Leafy End Dreadwood Haven Plains Western Cliffs Sorcerer's Isle The Lake The Jagged Peaks Dominion Wetland Maard Pembrose Haven Land's End The Royal Palace The Cathedral The Chapter House The Green Dragon Inn The Kings Road Inn The Sunset Inn The Palace The Church of Pelor The Dying Soldier The Palace Inn The Rat and Parrot The Silent Shadow The Warehouseman's Rest Western Arms The Royal Gardens The Barracks Inn Land's End Inn The Merchant's Rest The Palace View Inn The Brooke Residence The Palace The Barracks Eastward Church Waymeet Keep Waymeet Church The Waymeet Inn Waymeet Grove The Candlemaker The Smithy Varisia Endhome Southport Gaelon Bridge Dun Eamon Dun Alder Dun Alder Dun Harrow Domain of Dun Eamon Penprie Forest Stoneheart Mountains Duskmoon Hills Quail Valley Domain of Endhome Kingfisher Hollow Hollowsky Redgorge Lucky Monkey Cauldron Crazy Jared's Hut Spire of Long Shadows Shatterhorn Haunted Village The Lair of Hookface The Demonskar Jarl Khurok's Keep Church of St. Cuthbert Drunken Morkoth Inn Gunezarn's Smithy Zanathor's Provisions Skie's Treasury Alameda Moneylenders Westkey's Map Emporium Town Hall Lakeside Pavillion North Gate West Gate South Gate East Gate Lantern Street Orphanage Lord Mayors Residence Ghelve's Locks Bluecrater Academy House Rhiavadi Taskerhill Manor Lathenmire Manor The Lava Tubes The Half-orc Mercenary Camp Cusp of Sunrise Tygot's Old Things Coy Nixie Maavu's Main Warehouse Maavu Imports Slippery Eel Tavern Maavu Warehouses Tipped Tankard Tavern Garthun Imports Cathderal of Wee Jas Dwarven Fastness Shrine of Pelor Weer's Elixirs Orak's Bathhouse Sure Foot Livery The Brass Trumpet Theatre Minuta's Board House Vhalantru Vanderboren Manor Temple of Lordly Might Town Guard Barracks City Necropolis Crater Lake Public Park Fine Shops Guildhall District Halfling Encampment Official Magic Ward Residential Homes Finance District North Side Tavern District Anglers Wharf Crater Lake Tenements Red Light District Vanderboren Apartments Warehouse District Civic District The Marketplace Caravan's Landing Professional's Lane Southern Tavern District The Village Shoppes Slums of Lava Vanderboren Lofts and Flats Waterfront and Boat Town Elf Neighbourhood Embassy and Immigrant Enclave Half-Orc Ghetto Noble Estates Gnome Neighbourhood Tannery Shantytown Wealthy Residential Homes Craft District Merchant's District Noble District Government District Sasserine Cauldron Kingfisher Hollow Hollowsky Redgorge Cauldron Region The Clean Sheets The Dwarfroad The Grey Redoubt Mountain's Hearth Pig and Bucket Dungeoneer's Survival Emporium Tombs Stonehome Treasures Belden's Rest The Salty Mug Merty's Shrine of Erathis Dergan's XXX Brewery The House of Sleep The Stone Anvil Coxcomb Spirits The Turned Spoon Elsir Consortium Polliver's Michael's Blond Caer Overlook Ministry of War Cardick's Boarding House Divine Knot The Pickled Imp Shantytown Nine Bells Tradetown Forgeworks Boneyard Elftown Stonehammer Blister High Hall Elsir Vale Brindol Drellins Ferry Rhest Marth Forest Southwood The Witchwood Hammerfist Holds City Gate City Gate City Gate City Gate City Gate City Gate Chatrenn and Sons Axenhaft Security Alpenglow Trading House Brindol Market The Red Door Red Magic and Sundries College of Ioun Guildmasters Street Shrine of the Open Door Brindol Academy Ilya's Cardhouse Shrine of Bahamut Brindol Gentleman's Club The Hall of Great Valour Shrine of the Sun Brindol Keep Haskin Manor Temple of Erathis Brindol Cemetry Venusia Hommlet Frusina Herculaneum Savo Rodin City Messana Derona Londinium Tuscany Hills Endhome City Gaelon Bridge Southport Durgam's Folly Calmwater Silverton Westbrook Penprie Forest Duskmoon Hills South Downs Leafy Wood Fool's Pass Gardmore Abbey Ruins of Fastormel The Sword Barrow Kobold Hall Kalton Manor Nenlast Keep on the Shadowfell Winterhaven Raven Roost The Stonemarch Five League House Hammerfast Thunderspire Fallcrest Harken Village Harken Forest Harkenwold Gardmore Abbey Ruins of Fastormel The Sword Barrow Kobold Hall Kalton Manor Nenlast Keep on the Shadowfell Winterhaven Raven Roost The Stonemarch Five League House Hammerfast Thunderspire Fallcrest Harken Village Harken Forest Harkenwold Tor's Hold Toadwallow Caverns Dal Nystiere Easthill Dardun Druid Grove Albridge Marl Harken Village White River Briar Hills Harken Forest Gremath Stables White River Mercantile The Mallard Inn Kathrid's Smithy Village Green Gerrad's House Erst the Wainwright Old Tower Nonnie's Place House of Faith Harkenwold Trading Station Tower of Green Flame Grimbold's House Old Kellar's House Cliffside Brewery The Iron Keep The Silver Nail Lower Quays The Market Green The Lucky Gnome Taphouse Sandercot Provisioners King's Gate Teldorthan's Arms Blue Moon Alehouse Septarch's Tower Moonwash Falls Kamroth Estate Naerumar's Imports Wizard's Gate Fallcrest Stables Moonsong Temple The Catacombs The Bluffs Nentir Falls Temple of Erathis House Azaer House of the Sun Tombwood Moonstone Keep Halfmoon Trading Post Silver Unicorn Inn Knights Gate Nentir Inn Five Arch Bridge Upper Quays Tower of Waiting Temple Warrior Guild Valthrun's Tower Inner Gate Smithy Bairwin's Grand Shoppe Tenements Stables Market Square Wrafton's Inn Outer Gate Barracks Manor House Seige Supplies Lizard Marsh Devon's Holding Daggerfish Laughing Hollow Stormhaven Logazors Mine Jawa Silver Mines Sibu Jukai Kupang Otyugh Swamp Jawa Endau Marudi Roundwood Hills Roundwood Hills Worlds Edge Worlds Edge