Web page last updated : 1st February 2017
Current campaign The World in Ruin
Current date in the City of Rodin: 11 June, 3040
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The World of Rodinia


Location:The Cosmos
Size:3500 miles in circumference
Population:2,750,000 souls
Predominant Race:Human
Notes:History of The World of Rodinia

Web Site Navigation

The Navigation Tabs at the top of the page can be used to access the main areas of the site. Home always brings you back here to this page. The second tab (which changes regularly) takes you straight to the location of the current campaign being played in Rodinia. World Map can be used to bring up a clickable map of the world (more on this later). Deities takes you to a list of the deities commonly worshiped across Rodinia. Search takes you to a search facility to search the database. Names takes you to a page which allows you to generate random names for people, inns. ships and settlements from different regions and races in the world. Diary takes you to a page showing the current date in the World of Rodinia and a browsable calendar through which you can move. Campaigns brings up a list of the campaigns which have been played out in Rodinia and allows access to their pages. Downloads takes you to the section where any recently available downloads are held. Forum brings up the Rodinia Forums on a separate window.

Every entry in the database contains a side panel on the right. This side panel contains up to four sections: Statistics, Mini-Map or Image, Places of Interest and Table of Contents. Not all of these boxes will always be displayed but the Statistics box will always be there. The others will be there if there exists any information to give you of that nature.

The Statistics contains those statistics which are known for the person, place or thing this entry is dealing with. The amount of data shown here depends on how much information is held in the gazetteer for this item. This box may contain names of other places, people and the like from the gazetteer. If these items have entries in the gazetteer the names will appear in blue (bold if you have not been there yet, normal blue if you have already taken the link). Simply clicking on these names will take you to their entry.

Each location may have a mini-map and each entry may have an image. If they do these will be shown in the side bar on the right. Clicking on this map or image will take you to a full scale picture of the image on a fresh page. In the case of the mini-maps, this new full scale map will often be clickable, meaning you can scroll your mouse across the map and different places of interest on that map will highlight and be selectable, taking you straight to the entry for that place of interest in the gazetteer. This is a great way to navigate the gazetteer.

For Location entires there is also sometimes a Places of Interest box which shows all the places which can be found in this Location. Again the entries here are all clickable links which will take you to the entry in the gazetteer for that Location. Because each place in the gazetteer knows where it is located in the world it is possible to imagine the locations of the world in a family tree structure with the world itself at the top; with each of the continents below this; with each of the countries below those (with each country belonging to one continent) and so on. By clicking on the "Location" entry in the Statistics section for a place you will always go to the next level up the tree. Using the Places of Interest section you can see and visit the places further down the tree. This way you can easily navigate around the world in a structured way.

Every entry in the gazetteer with one of more headers contains a Table of Contents. This Table of Contents takes the form of a collapsible tree. To use this content tree simply click on the '+' button to open a node, or on the '-' button to close it. If a node is a leaf entry and has no sub-entry it will be annoted with a '.' bullet. To select an entry in the contents simply click on the name in question and you will be taken to the entry in question.

The World Map is a great resource for getting around the world at a high level. Each country is marked on there and hovering your mouse over any country will highlight it and also give you a tool tip with its name. Clicking on this country will automatically take you to the country's entry in the gazetteer.