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The Known World


Location:The Cosmos
Size:3500 miles across
Population:2,750,000 souls
Predominant Race:Human
Deities:The Darkness, The Demon Prince, The Light

Places of Interest

Continents:Khemit, Lucarcian Continent, Rodinian Continent


The Void is a maelstrom of swirling and powerful energies. Fire, earth, air and water roil in an endless dance. Never standing still; always in flux. Amid this turmoil of fundamental Elemental forces, two primordial energies battle endlessly. Darkness and Light are one another’s nemeses, each an anathema to the other. They wage an unending war for supremacy in the Void.

Occasionally tiny rifts into the Void from in the reality of the Cosmos. These rifts allow primal energy to leak into the Cosmos and have unusual results and effects. They are usually too small to be noted and are passed off as imaginations, déjà vu and the like. But some people possess the ability to create and control these rifts at will.

Wielders of the arcane and divine powers are controllers and manipulators of rifts to the Void. Their incantations and spells are rituals which allow them power over the rifts - their creation, duration and access. These magi and priests are able to open portals into the Void and summon energies from that place, drawing them into the Cosmos. Regardless of if it is a Pyromancer in Lucarcia using a simple cantrip to light a small torch, or a Priest of the Sun in Albion, endeavouring to return health and vitality to a half-dead companion, all mystical spellcasting is basically the same process. It is merely differentiated by the size of the rift, the control over it that is maintained, the type of energy that is summoned and the way that energy is channelled into the Cosmos that differs.